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Line of Duty - Re-investigations

Line of Duty (LOD) Re-investigations

The following testimonial comes from the widow of a Reserve senior NCO who committed suicide shortly after returning from overseas deployment

In the fall of 2012, I found myself seeking an attorney's help. I had been a military widow for a year and in that year I had become very frustrated with the conduct of my late husband's command. I had been waiting for the Line of Duty determination to be completed. It was frustrating because it appeared no one had the necessary knowledge or skills to conduct the investigation in a timely or thorough manner. Once I did get the determination my fears were realized. My husband's death was found to be NOT in the Line of Duty as a result of Willful Misconduct. The circumstances of his death made this determination almost impossible. I could not fathom how they reached that conclusion. I decided I could not let the decision stand as my husband had invested a combined 18 1/2 years in the USMC and then the Air Force Reserves. He had done that to ensure our family was taken care of and part of that plan was retirement from the military. With this determination those years were now wasted. I also was not going to allow that to stand on his military record.

After talking to a few different attorneys I found Bill Meili. I met with him in his office and he had told me it would be about a 45 minute consultation. I ended up being there for 2 1/2 hours. I knew I had found a person who cared about what I cared about which was justice and doing what is right. We only had 45 days to appeal the decision but he was able to argue that notifications were not correct and due process demanded we have more time. He established communication with the command and through the next six months worked exhaustively on the case leaving no room for doubt that the initial determination was incorrect. It did take almost a year but we were able to reverse the LOD decision to In Line of Duty.

I knew I had a meritorious case and I found the right attorney to help me prevail. Bill Meili supported me and my family through a very trying time and I will be forever grateful. He is a dedicated, experienced and committed attorney. He helped me overcome my fears, find my voice, exert my power and find justice for my husband and my family.



I contacted Col. Meili as a fellow practitioner to gain some context and perspective on a pretty complex set of issues. Because I practice in a different field of law, Col. Meili's extensive expertise was invaluable and he was more than generous with his time. A skilled and dedicated professional who cares deeply about obtaining the best possible outcome for his clients, Bill's a leader in this field.

- Steffen Chapin

After an exhaustive search of military attorneys, I came across the name of Bill Meili. From my first email exchange and telephone call, I knew that Bill was the right person to handle my case. I had discussed my unique circumstance with a handful of other attorneys who felt it may be too difficult to achieve the outcome that I was seeking - but Bill was interested in me and my case, and wholeheartedly believed that we had the ball in our court. I could tell that Bill cared about me as a person and soldier, not just viewing me as a paycheck.

- Anonymous


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