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if your career, future, or freedom is threatened,
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Bill Meili's approach is to see his clients through whatever difficulty they're facing ... thoroughly, wisely and compassionately. His goal, in the administrative law arena, is to preserve and protect careers, retirements, families and futures. Bill's experiences as an Army Judge Advocate and retired Colonel give him extensive knowledge and keen insights into the bureaucracy of the military and what it means for those in service to their country to maintain their good names and honor. More about Bill

The Meili military law firm uses the art and craft of negotiation, a well-developed and seasoned skill in communication and advocacy, a detailed knowledge of the facts, law, regulations, and a clients' and opponents' relative strengths and weaknesses to fashion a winning defense. Whenever possible, he will engage early on and use every available advantage to secure a favorable and timely result.

Bill's primary focus is now on BOI(Board of Inquiry) and UQR(Unqualified Resignation) cases - helping service men and women to save their careers, protect their families, and secure their future. Read about recent cases and current issues facing service members

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"The Defense Department is deploying 300 troops to U.S. Central Command to deter any outside groups from escalating the Israel-Hamas conflict and to protect U.S. troops already in the area against an onslaught of drone attacks from Iran-backed militia groups, the Pentagon announced Tuesday". read more at

"USS Ronald Reagan pulls into the Philippines amidst tension with China" read more at

"The U.S. military launched airstrikes early Friday on two locations in eastern Syria linked to Iran’s Revolutionary Guard Corps, the Pentagon said, in retaliation for a slew of drone and missile attacks against U.S. bases and personnel in the region that began early last week."read more at

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  • Active duty service member facing deployment in support of Homeland Security Department on U.S. southern border

  • Active duty aviation officer facing three year extension of service commitment

  • Army pilot seeking to leave service through UQR process based on changes to active duty service obligation

  • Army officer with a strong commitment to serving facing a BOI that might lead to the end of a good career

  • Officer facing an elimination board when there are medical discharge options available

  • A husband in the Active Guard Reserve is suffering from PTSD and "errant" behaviors leads to a BOI

  • Captain defending a BOI wants to retire with honor but lacks the experience to effectively fight the bureaucracy

  • Army doctor (USAR) looking resign his commission with an honorable discharge but stuck in red tape and hoop jumping

  • Officer ready to attend medical school but can't get UQR package moved up the chain at HRC

  • Lieutenant Colonel with decades of experience facing BOI and separation procedures that call his good name and honor into question

  • Trying to retire from the Army National Guard but UQR discharge orders are stuck for more than a year

  • Army active duty medical officer and top tier performer facing a 15-6 investigation triggered by an "anonymous tip" allegation of toxic leadership and sexual harassment

  • Army National Guard medical officer trying to separate honorably with a UQR while her packet is inexplicably "stuck" for more than a year

  • Naval Reserve medical officer facing involuntary mobilization orders needing an exemption to keep a civilian medical practice viable

  • Officer facing elimination short of retirement and a BOI/Show Cause for testing positive (controlled substance) on a unit urinalysis

  • Senior, active duty Chief Warrant Officer facing elimination short of retirement for alleged misconduct triggered by a situational mental health crisis

Bill understands that every person's situation is unique and so he takes the time to listen, understanding that the right strategy depends on your goals and the details of the challenges you are facing. Give Bill a call or email him if you are facing a BOI or UQR situation.

Read more from other service members, families, and attorneys who Bill has successfully helped over the years: View letters and testimonials

Bill Meili is aware of how things can and should play out in the military system for service members who are struggling. The complexities and frustrations of fighting the military bureaucracy are substantial and having a good advocate, a good strategy, and dedicated effort on your side is important. As a deeply experienced military attorney Bill Meili has the capability, resources, and networks to handle cases throughout the United States and globally.

Bill is savvy, dedicated, tenacious, and has a heart for the men and women of the military. There is no greater honor than to serve and to serve with honor. Bill has compassion for you and will work to help achieve your goals with honor.

Please note: We do not handle divorce or custody cases . . . even if one or both parties have a military affiliation. We understand the need for experienced, qualified representation in these matters, and so we recommend you contact your local county Bar Association's Lawyer Referral Service for further assistance. Thank you.

When you need help, call on Bill Meili. His years of experience and military law background are your strategic advantage.

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9x AVVO Clients' Choice Award Winner 2015-2023

I contacted Col. Meili as a fellow practitioner to gain some context and perspective on a pretty complex set of issues. Because I practice in a different field of law, Col. Meili's extensive expertise was invaluable and he was more than generous with his time. A skilled and dedicated professional who cares deeply about obtaining the best possible outcome for his clients, Bill's a leader in this field.

- Steffen Chapin

After an exhaustive search of military attorneys, I came across the name of Bill Meili. From my first email exchange and telephone call, I knew that Bill was the right person to handle my case. I had discussed my unique circumstance with a handful of other attorneys who felt it may be too difficult to achieve the outcome that I was seeking - but Bill was interested in me and my case, and wholeheartedly believed that we had the ball in our court. I could tell that Bill cared about me as a person and soldier, not just viewing me as a paycheck.

- Anonymous


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