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Friday, Jul 26, 2019
Two Recent UQRs (Unqualified Resignations) Approved for AMEDD Army Reserve Medical Corps Officers   more

Testimonials: Security Clearance Cases


Army Security Clearance Re-Investigation Application Case

June 28, 2019

I’ll never forget how my initial contact with Bill Meili went. I had recently been accepted to an elite government program where a Secret Security Clearance would be required. I knew I would run into some problems with a previous DUI and some issues regarding that incident that might raise concerns with the government. I was at a point where I did not know how the past arrest and DUI guilty plea would affect my status with my program and its security clearance personnel.

After reading his bio online, I left with an overall positive impression with Bill’s case experience with the government, security clearance process, as well as being a prior service Army JAG COL/O6. I filled out my basic information online, submitted, and went about my business. I expected to be contacted in a few days since it was a holiday weekend. Within 30 minutes, as I was feeding my infant daughter, I got a call from Bill Meili. He checked in on me, offered support and instilled confidence in me—as I was unquestionably nervous with how a security clearance investigation would go. We agreed on a meeting time and met in person. This would set the foundation for how our interactions would go. I could contact him at all hours and I always felt that I was important to him and that the case was important. We could consult over the phone, email, or set up in-person meetings when needed—it was the perfect pace for me, and it never interfered with my job.

I cannot begin to describe how grateful I am for the amazing services Bill provided. First of all, there were things I had not even shared with my wife and Bill helped me through these details, and provided professional counsel throughout, as I dealt with the unknown of a potential investigation.

We first reviewed details of the past incident, and Bill reached out to my previous attorney to request documentation pertinent to the case. It was nice to get Bill’s translation of my past incident, in that I learned more about the case and what the findings actually meant than I did previously. With the knowledge of the past case, we worked together on the security clearance application (SF 86 / Equip Form) regarding ‘police history’ to ensure my statement was accurate, thorough, and reported correctly. We prepared for the possibility of a personal interview by security clearance personnel and reviewed and role played many types of scenarios.

The process drew out for quite some time (over 1 year), but I have to say that Bill’s advice was 100% spot-on and things unfolded exactly as we planned and his advice, counsel, and guidance throughout helped our family plan and make decisions. I did not have to go through a personal interview by an agency investigator, nor did I have to face any adjudication process through receipt of a Letter of Intent (LOI) or Statement of Reasons (SOR). In short, my Secret Security Clearance was granted without incident due to the honest, but carefully prepared statements within my SF 86/ Equip application. We were prepared for ‘worst-case’ situations, but the best outcome possible occurred.

If I had not consulted with Bill, I would have been too nervous to accept this position fearing that I would get kicked out, lose benefits, and assume huge financial losses after moving across the country and being denied a job. Accepting this position, and consulting with Bill ultimately changed my life and put my family in an amazing position, and I could finally put a past mistake behind me and no longer carry the emotional burden of a bad night 6 years ago.

I strongly recommend Bill for any case—especially those involving criminal misconduct, government agencies like CAF and DOHA, the military or security clearances. Bill Meili’s experience as a JAG was instrumental in understanding the inner workings of my case. He helped me and my family more than I can describe, and I can definitely say that my wife and 2 kids are grateful for this opportunity and what our future holds!

—  RC

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