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Bill talks about his practice and his focus on saving careers, protecting retirements and reclaiming the reputations and honor of those who serve this country.more audio files

Friday, Jul 26, 2019
Two Recent UQRs (Unqualified Resignations) Approved for AMEDD Army Reserve Medical Corps Officers   more

Testimonials: Security Clearance Cases


Security Clearance Application Process – Testimonial

I work for a defense contractor and had a recent promotion opportunity that was contingent on obtaining a security clearance. However, as a young adult, I'd made a few mistakes. Because of these mistakes, I was concerned my request for a security clearance might be denied. If it was denied, I wouldn't have been eligible for the promotion. I knew I needed to find someone who had experience in this area but I was worried that talking about it with my coworkers could potentially hurt my future employment opportunities. So, I turned to Google. I searched for "security clearance help" and found there was legal expertise available. There were many results and after digging through them, I narrowed the list down. I called all of the attorneys on my list and left a message with everyone. I received a call back from most, but one stood out: Bill Meili.

After leaving a message with his secretary, I received a call back from Bill only about 10 minutes later. I've worked with attorneys in the past, but Bill has been the most responsive by far. During our initial call, I explained my situation. He mentioned he was traveling for his daughter's Olympic trials and would not be able to meet with me immediately. But, he added that if I needed help right away, he would recommend someone that could help me immediately. That makes Bill unique to me. He wasn't pitching me; he was really trying to help.

Fortunately, I was able to wait until Bill returned from his trip. We kept in contact over the next few days and he took time out of his schedule to meet with me on a holiday, the 4th of July. I don't know anyone that would have gone out of his way on a holiday to help someone out. We spent hours during this initial meeting going over my background and running through the security clearance paperwork.

Bill used his expertise to provide me valuable guidance. With his help, I was able to complete my application in the best light possible. While working with Bill, he never judged me or my past and focused on who I am today and helping me achieve my goals. I know that if I hadn't had Bill's guidance, this process would have been much more difficult, and I'm not sure the results would have been so favorable.

After submitting my paperwork, Bill proactively kept in touch with me, checking on my status, following up with the security office and even discussing the possibility of coaching me in preparation for a potential interview.

The whole process took about 2 months and, at the end, the government granted me my security clearance. I'm extremely glad I was able to work through this process with Bill. He is well-versed in the entire security clearance process and was able to answer all my questions. He treated me like I was his only client!

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