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Friday, Jul 26, 2019
Two Recent UQRs (Unqualified Resignations) Approved for AMEDD Army Reserve Medical Corps Officers   more

Testimonials: IRR Involuntary Mobilization


IRR Delay and Exemption
Client Testimonial #5 - An open letter to anyone facing an IRR Recall who seeks an IRR Delay and Exemption

If you are reading this, you are most likely facing the overwhelming burden of an involuntary mobilization from the IRR. Unfortunately, I can do nothing to lessen the anxiety, depression, and anger you're probably experiencing. I can, however, provide you with some hope. I've been there too, and just today, I received my official exemption from the HRC commander. I am not an OIF or OEF veteran, but I did spend 4.5 years on Active Duty from 2001 to 2005, and I have a 20% disability rating from the VA.

I hope this letter will ease any hesitation you might have about hiring Bill Meili. After receiving my orders, I read all of the blogs online and quickly rushed to my congressman's office. When my mother – who has worked for private attorneys for almost 20 years – first contacted Bill Meili, she was skeptical. Living in Massachusetts, I too was skeptical about hiring a lawyer from Texas to present my case. When I first spoke to Bill, he told me that he provided my "best shot" at receiving an exemption, and surprisingly he asked me to postpone the congressional intervention. Just two months after our initial conversation, I am thrilled to write that he was 100% right about his guidance and service, and I was 100% wrong about my skepticism. What I initially mistook for a sales pitch turned-out to be a legitimate explanation from an expert in the Delay & Exemption process.

I firmly believe that there is not another civilian in the country more familiar with the IRR Delay & Exemption process than Bill Meili. Just yesterday, he called me from HRC in St. Louis – where he spends a significant amount of time – to see how my fiancee and I are progressing with our wedding plans. If you hire Bill, you hire much more than a lawyer from Texas. You hire a former JAG officer who remains committed to the Army values that he learned during his 26 year military career. You hire a man who cares about, and will be interested in, your family and the struggles it is currently experiencing. In the time that Bill represented me, he contacted my employer, doctors, fiancee, and family members. I am being completely honest when I write that each one spoke about the professionalism and genuine concern with which he worked. Bill worked so hard to reach out to the important people in my life, that I actually know people jealous that Bill did not call them.

You will be just as impressed with Bill's diligence and work ethic as you will be with his personality. I am a former military officer who still expects attention to detail and professional integrity. As a former officer himself, he demands the same. I have never met Bill, but this did not hinder the progress of my case one bit. He always responded to my emails and returned my phone calls. He never misplaced a single document I sent, and there were a lot of documents. On many occasions, Bill and I worked late into the night and even on some weekends to ensure we presented the best case possible. Bill amazed me with the final case he constructed. He compiled a case – which had to be nearly 35 pages in length – that clearly outlined, in accordance with numerous Army regulations, why I was no longer fit to deploy. Truthfully, I could not have done this myself.

Thank you for your service, and if you have any further questions for me, I´d be happy to speak with you. Simply get in touch with Bill Meili and he will make the necessary arrangements.

Captain, Engineers

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