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Bill talks about his practice and his focus on saving careers, protecting retirements and reclaiming the reputations and honor of those who serve this country.more audio files

Friday, Jul 26, 2019
Two Recent UQRs (Unqualified Resignations) Approved for AMEDD Army Reserve Medical Corps Officers   more

Testimonials: Show Cause - Board of Inquiry


Show Cause - Board of Inquiry
Defense Counsel Testimonial #2

I worked with Bill Meili on an officer elimination board, and I was amazed when he immediately dug right into the case, meeting with the client and contacting those key decision-makers who had the authority to terminate the proceeding. Bill was cordial in his dealings with all parties, knowledgeable about the military administrative process, and savvy in his strategy. He was also timely and thorough in his written product and correspondence. Bill's tenacity and dedicated representation of the client resulted in the suspension of the elimination action so the client could be medically discharged.

Mr. Bill Meili is a consummate professional with the benefit of years of experience in military justice and military administrative actions!

Senior Defense Counsel - Trial Defense Services

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When you need help, call on Bill Meili. His years of experience and military law background are your strategic advantage.

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