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Senior Army Officer Client Retained by Board of Inquiry (BOI)

Posted by anonymous
March 16, 2021

I am very grateful to Mr. Meili in coaching me on proving my continued value to the Army. The government was set to separate me through a Board of Inquiry (BOI)/ Show Cause despite my long career of contributions. Mr. Meili's communication was direct and up front. He told me that I had a 50/50 chance to be eliminated and not retained. Nevertheless, Mr. Meili firmly believed in me throughout the process, and reminded me to be myself which positively impacted my confidence. Mr. Meili was correct, and when the time came for me to stand up in front of the board members, I was fired up to convince them that I could continue to be a great asset to the Army. Mr. Meili was calm and convincing to the point that he had the board members' full attention and nodding their heads in agreement while he was speaking. As a result the board members were tolerant of my mistakes and decided to retain me. Thank you so much Mr. Meili; you will forever have my recognition and respect.


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