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IRR Transfer

IRR Transfer

Posted by Mike
May 17, 2022

To date, Mr. Meili has done an amazing job with my IRR Transfer Request case! Our work together began shortly after I left a pretty detailed email in regards to my situation where there was joint confusion on some of my service obligations within my ROTC scholarship contract and rapport within my previous leadership and how those were potentially negatively affecting my requests to be transferred into the IRR as I was previously denied. Mr. Meili responded back to my situation and inquiry very rapidly, I believe within the first hour of when I sent the email. From then, we immediately began talking over the phone and identifying how he could potentially help me in my request to get approved for a transfer into the IRR. Mr. Meili's network, and span of communication amongst high level leadership still within the military helped out tremendously. Mr. Meili was very patient, yet diligent, and relentless in pursuing the best avenues of approach and plans of attack in hopes for a favorable outcome in my request. He went as far back as reaching out to and communicating with my commissioning source and personnel from my ROTC program in college dating back to 2014 to help clear up any confusion and get everybody on board, including myself with what was actually expected of me and how the requirements and obligations could still be met, all while identifying how the Army, my unit, and my request could be favorable for all parties involved. Throughout this process, Mr. Meili has also restored good and positive rapport between my unit and I. He is a wealth of knowledge and knows the system, regulations, stipulations, and law to the letter. Mr. Meili is also very good on keeping his clients updated on the work and progress of the case as he touches base and even sends a sit-rep (situation report) just about every day so that one is always in the know. I do not believe that more than two days have gone by since when we have started that he has not touched base with me and kept me posted on progress and sharing visibility on what he is working on in regards to my case, behind the scenes. I have no complaints about whatsoever when it comes to Mr. Meili and how he has helped me in my case. Mr. Meili has already built great rapport with my unit and has already received verbal confirmation that my IRR transfer request will be approved and processed. Once the ink dries on the paperwork, it will be a mission success! Working with Mr. Meili has been a smooth process and I am so happy that I hired him.


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