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AR 15-6 Testimonial

Posted by Anonymous
August 2022

BLUF: Secure Mr. Meili's expertise immediately if you are the subject of a 15-6. These potential career ending investigations require his level of skill and knowledge for a favorable outcome. There is nothing more valuable than having Mr. Meili as part of your legal team when you experience a 15-6. He worked seamlessly with my TDS attorney during each phase of my investigation. Ultimately, the investigation was unfounded, and the CG wrote a memo stating no wrong doing on my part.

As a field grade officer in an infantry brigade, when you are informed of an anonymous IG complaint triggering a 15-6 your mind races. Not only do you start to question your abilities as a leader, but what this investigation means for your career there a career ending GOMOR in my future? What happens next? You wonder what the allegations are, what does this investigation have to do with the AIPP program and what impact does this have on my next promotion?

Mentors, Colonels and Generals in your chain of command tell you that investigations are a part of the job as you progress in your career. They assure you to be honest and it will 'most likely' turn out well. TDS services are a good asset to secure as they know your local command climate and how the investigations work. These attorneys provide sound assistance, but as Captains, there are nuances that require a certain legal expertise and experience. There is no better individual to provide this service than Mr. Bill Meili.

I was a subject of an anonymous IG complaint that triggered a 15-6. The allegations were extensive and entirely false. The allegations included sexual harassment, toxic leadership, and inappropriate behavior. I had nothing to hide and knew there was nothing truly substantial, so my first reaction was to talk directly to the investigating officer without considering the medium (written, verbal, phone call) of questioning. My TDS attorney was helpful, but without Mr. Meili's involvement and guidance, I don't know if I would have received a favorable outcome. In my investigation, 2 of 10 allegations were substantiated and the investigating officer did not recommend punishment. Despite any of these encouraging preliminary findings, the ultimate decision maker is the Commanding General and his/her legal team. The CG will make their decisions for punishment - local GOMOR, permanent GOMOR, adoption of IO's findings - or something else entirely: DO NOT proceed without expert legal advice. There are many nuances that Mr. Meili navigated with ease due to his years of experience and 'know how' of just how the system - SJA, BJA and Judge Advocates generally work and make recommendations and decisions.

Do not hesitate to engage Mr. Meili's services . . . if you have any doubts, have a simple conversation with him about your case.


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